Isn’t my breath fresh?

Are you worried about your sticky mouth and bad breath in the morning? Breathing is hard to notice on your own. Also, even if you intend to take care of your mouth with daily brushing, your gums may be strained. Periodontal disease is not just an oral disease. Recently, various studies have revealed the relationship between periodontal disease and general health. For example, there are reports that many people with diabetes have periodontal disease and that periodontal disease is difficult to cure. It has also been pointed out that the association between periodontal disease and heart disease, pneumonia, osteoporosis, etc. To prevent periodontal disease, it is necessary to brush on the surface of the teeth, between teeth, and between the teeth and gums. Even though the person thinks sufficiently polished, it is often not enough with a toothbrush alone, so this organic product is very popular to reduce the bacteria by eating it after brushing teeth before sleep.


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